What You Should Know about Weight Gainer Supplements

If you are considered a ‘hard gainer’ it is very likely that you have looked into a weight gainer supplement.

Real Weight Gainer brandsWhile not for everyone, a mass gainer can be a solid addition to a muscle-building diet and exercise program.

Some Salient Truths about Weight Gainer Supplements

Below, we will be going over some of the things that you ought to know about these supplements prior to considering them.

  • Not All Are Created Equal

Perhaps more important than anything, you want to avoid looking at these supplements and assuming each one is equal in terms of effectiveness and quality.

The fact is, the supplement industry is a largely unregulated industry and that includes fitness and body building supps and stacks.

Because of this, there are significant gaps between quality from brand to brand and even product to product.

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Therefore, you want to look at each individual muscle building supplement that you are considering and attempt to find one that features high-quality ingredients with real science backing them.

There are plenty of supplements marketed towards hard gainers that throw empty calories at you.

Rather than opting for a supplement with poor quality calories included, you want to identify one that contains a high amount of easy to digest protein like whey isolate and other high-quality ingredients that can improve muscle-building efforts.

  • Figure Out How Many Calories You Require

Understanding your metabolism and how it factors into your caloric burn is key. After all, you don’t want to intake too many calories per day.

Because various gainers on the market come with different caloric values, you want to find one that offers a serving that is suitable to your caloric needs.

While you could always adjust the amount you intake per serving, you want to try to find an easy to integrate formula into your routine to keep things much more simple.

Those that really have a hard time putting on weight might look for formulas that have very high caloric content.

  • Additional Mass Building Ingredients

The good thing about a lot of these supplements is the fact they generally contain a lot of other muscle/mass building ingredients that you are generally going to want to work into your routine anyways.

A majority of these formulas will contain proven mass building ingredients like creatine which can help you increase both mass and strength levels.

Also, because creatine is generally absorbed better with quick digesting carbs, taking creatine while you are taking a gainer supplement can really be a good combination for mass building efforts.

  • A Weight Gainer Supplement Is Not A Meal Replacement

This type of product is often thought of incorrectly as a meal replacement. That is simply not the case.

This supplement is something that you should be consuming in addition to meals every few hours. You do not want to purchase this supplement assuming that it is going to replace a full meal.

While it might contain the caloric value that you would normally get from a decent-sized meal, it is in no way a meal replacement.

These supplements are typically filled with fast-acting carbohydrates. Therefore, unless you add healthy fats and other ingredients to your supplement, it is not going to be a suitable meal replacement option.

  • You Don’t Need Protein Shakes

If you add one of these supplements to your diet, it would completely replace the need for additional protein.

Because the base of these supplements is generally a type of protein whether it be whey protein, casein protein, or whey isolate, you won’t need to add further protein to your diet in supplement form.

Along with this, you might be getting sufficient amino acid intake through the gainer supplement depending on the formula that you are buying. Your body can only utilize so much protein at a time.

Therefore, taking additional protein beyond this type of formula wouldn’t be necessary.

Overall, there is much that you should be looking at when you are trying to determine whether or not this type of supplement is for you.

These supplements can be a good option for those that are considered hard gainers and who have a difficult time getting sufficient calories for achieving muscle and mass growth on their own.

As long as you go into it knowing what the supplement is and what it isn’t, you should be able to get great results with it.…