Education For Health

From a framework of Health Promotion, in which Education for Health is included as a key element (Otawa Charter for the Promotion of Health, 1986), this would be a concrete form of work oriented towards acquisition, for part of the population, knowledge and skills to intervene in decisions that have effects on Health.

Education for Health, as a tool of Health Promotion, will also have to create learning opportunities to facilitate behavioral changes or healthy lifestyles, so that people know and analyze the social, economic and environmental causes that they influence the Health of the community. This means overcoming the traditional role that has been attributed to the EPS, basically limited to changing the risk behaviors of individuals, becoming a powerful instrument for change.

“The EPS is a process that informs, stimulates and supports the population to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles and habits, advocates the significant environmental changes to facilitate these objectives, and directs professional training and research towards those same objectives.”

The main objectives of the EPS are aimed at:

  1. Inform the population about health, illness, disability and the ways in which individuals can improve their own health.
  2. Motivate the population to achieve healthier habits.
  3. Help the population acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  4. To advocate changes in the environment that facilitate healthy living conditions and positive behavior towards health.
  5. Promote the education, training and training of all Community Health Education Agents.
  6. Increase, through research and evaluation, knowledge about the most effective way to achieve the proposed objectives.

This EBE group of Health Education, aims to be a multidisciplinary open network, which shares the best possible evidence in the field, especially for the help and development of the best nursing care, in favor of improving the quality of life of our patients

The main objective is to group and summarize the greatest evidence in care and scientific knowledge developed in the care of our patients, families and community that can be improved with the application of an adequate and realistic Health Education based on scientific evidence, always to through the best scientific formats: systematic reviews, clinical trials, evidence synthesis …

For this purpose, the most relevant national and international databases on health care will be periodically reviewed to locate articles or research studies that address Health Education, in all its areas, paying special attention to nutritional education, prevention of cardiovascular diseases, Affective-sexual education, etc.