It aims to serve as a support resource for training in HEALTH EDUCATION.

Health considered in an integral sense that includes, according to the WHO definition, the physical, mental and social well-being of the person.

Health education aims to promote healthy lifestyles to avoid illness. Through it, it is intended to promote health through the commitment to lead a healthy life, involving and co-responsible the minor of their care; that is, giving greater importance to self-care.

Health education unites two areas: education and health, because we believe that there can be no education without health, or health without education.

But not only through it are changes in lifestyles generated; In addition, it is also necessary to educate in resilience to teach how to face adversity.

Physical And Psychological Well-Being Of The Child

Resilience is shown to us as a new form of prevention; as a new way of living looking for light among adversity, allowing the physical and psychological well-being of the child, adolescent or young, despite the problems and difficulties that it has to overcome.

The Learning Of The Resilience In The Sanitary Field

The learning of the resilience in the sanitary field promotes the well-being and the health, in people with or without pathologies. It is a protective variable of physical and mental health in times of illness that can help reduce pain, increase well-being, improve the quality of life and favor adaptation to the disease.

It has been proven that resilient people are more responsible with self-care behaviors. The strong sense of self-esteem, the ability to learn from experiences and to adapt, characteristics present in resilient people, are essential to cope with the disease.

Therefore, through this page and from a positive approach, children, adolescents and young people are offered the possibility of overcoming the apparently insurmountable obstacles and the reflection that, to a large extent, they can achieve thanks to their efforts , resources and capabilities.

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